Southbank Centre Food Market

We had a truly brilliant first week on The Southbank Centre Food Market. What a huge selection of quality stalls to choose from. Our new neighbours Outside Tart have some crazy treats for you. The portion sizes are massive so you won’t be dissapointed. If you had a spare couple of days I could go in to more detail about: The Bread Tree with their Bruschetta Sarnies! The Frenchie with Duck Burgers that melt in your mouth and spill down yer top! The Flour Station who’s Bread is Super Tasty Fresh and will cry out to you from your kitchen cupboard ‘Eat me Eat me’ Billy from the Shackles brings out them Seasonal offerings some SWEET THINGS ON THE HORIZON. A shout out to all the staff and other Traders that work on the Market! Make sure you get down to the Southbank Centre and check out all of the offerings #FOODANDARTSBC Food Market

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